As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been abusing my cronometer quite a bit to figure out what I’m getting and what I’m lacking in my diet. One of biggest concerns has been the lack of calcium, I usually get 350mg -600mg a day (RDA is 1000mg) without supplementation. I’ve done a bit of concern-based research on information collected and presented by Dr. Michael Greger MD (NutritionFacts.org), Jack Norris RD (VeganHealth.org) and quite a few non-vegan websites, that getting 600mg is fine to maintaining good bone-health.

So my general idea was to add soymilk to my diet (if there were cheaper options than 1,6€/L I would probably consume more or cheaper tofu) and every other day take a calcium (500mg) + D supplement just as a booster option. The first day I tried this method, I woke up to a terrible muscle cramp in my calf. Now I’m not 100% sure if it was that or just me walking around unusually much, but it’s very likely caused by the calcium.

So I’m trying to figure out what to do to lessen the likelihood of me getting muscle cramps. Massaging my calves with magnesium oil, maybe?

Anyways there are also two other things i wanted to also mention on this post:

  1. I’ll be doing an ACTUAL REAL budgeting post coming soon. I’ll be talking about steps you can take to be better at food budgeting and surviving on a very low budget, but the post is going to be mostly aimed at people without children (because budgeting with a family is different).
  2. I will not post a food haul this week because of personal reasons, sorry.



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