The days I’m likely to go grocery shopping are Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays

-me last week


Lol, today is Saturday.

This week has been full of free food. First, on Tuesday my colleague celebrated his birthday at work and offered a lot fresh berries so naturally I had some. On Wednesday my mother came by and bought me some soymilk and tomatoes. On Thursday I went out to eat with my friend who offered to pay for everything ( he offered before we went out) and we had some Japanese food.

On with the haul.


What I got:

Soymilk (1L) 1.69 €
Spaghetti (400g) 0.29€
Alpro GO ON (150g) 0.87€
Green peas (can) 0.75€
Kidney beans (can) 0.75€
Chickpeas (can) 0.76€
Sunflower seeds (50g) 0.29€
Avocado (~0.15kg) 0.35€
Cucumber (~0.345kg) 0.41€
Banana (~0.7kg) 0.85€
Carrot (~1.2kg) 0.47€
Tomato (~0.3kg) 0.25€
Curry Powder (25g) 0.65€
TVP (200g) 1.15€

Total: 9.53 €

Restock: TVP, Curry powder.
Things I wanted to buy but couldn’t find: Rice galettes, celery.
Things I decided not to buy: Frozen broccoli.
Things I didn’t need to buy: Alpro dessert, sunflower seeds. (but Ohh, those went to the right place)

That avocado is probably the least ripest thing I have ever experienced. It will probably have to wait on my counter for like a week.

I’m counting a lot on soymilk to satisfy my calcium needs because looking at my cronometer (idk why my spellchecker keeps correcting it) My calcium intake is shit without supplementation, and supplements for calcium need to be taken at the right time (and my multi doesn’t have calcium in it). 30% is a failing score on a test and is a failing score in the test of my life.

I’m still doing that “lower carb” thing for at least another week, and it has been a bit bland and boring. I can make dips but there are more interesting things to dip than carrots and celery.

My fridge is surprisingly stocked after this trip because I didn’t eat some of my produce form last week, pretty neat.



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