A small update.

Last few days I have realized that due to using Chronometer, I am unable to live in ignorant bliss. Because I’m trying to live on a pretty significant caloric deficit, I’ve made it my duty to get my macro- and micronutrients as ideal as possible. It’s a real struggle to do on a budget, I mostly just eat oats, lentils (which are, in my honest opinion, absolutely delicious) and chickpeas. I tried to make some oatmeal/rice flour pancakes a few days ago and managed to get 800 calories from my breakfast alone, which is kind of crazy (and not a significant amount of protein in those pancakes, mind you). I currently have some protein powder and TVP left and it seems to be the most budget friendly easy-to-add-protein solution, rather than buying vegan cutlets, “steaks”, “nuggets” or even tofu.

Speaking of tofu…
I have a favourite store… Let’s call it “Store-A”, that also has an internet store. I love it, because I have figured out that Store-A not only has the most vegan options, but the cheapest produce and non-brand-name food. Now one of the functions of the e-store is to be able to make a grocery list for your next trip and I’ve been kind of obsessed with it. I’ve made a pretty impressive grocery list but I KNOW that there are some cheaper options in-store that are not on their website (like those ridiculously cheap chickpeas I got last week) and I’m dying figure out if I have enough money for an avocado 😂 (You’ll see on friday if I have managed to get one but my budget estimate is around 10€).

Low-carb food really is less satisfying even if I eat a good amount of fiber and protein and dress it with a bit of umami, but I’ll hold on for now. *whine*




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