Before I start blabbering about what I bough today, I have to mention that this is not the first time I’ve been on a tight budget. I’ve actually done the “Live Below The Line” challenge a few times, always with good results and I have the privilege to be able to spend time researching what I need to buy in order to not… die basically. I also know my cravings so I added some stuff I don’t “really need” as a fallback just in case.

The days I’m likely to go grocery shopping are Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays but I’m putting most emphasis on Fridays and the least on Sundays because I just really don’t like “the weekend grocery shoppers”. I’m mostly planning to do my grocery shopping for the whole week in the chosen day but I might need to buy something extra once in a while. To this point I’ve mostly grocery shopped 2 times per week.

I’m going by the 30-55 € per month (30 days) budget, that gives me a weekly budget of 7-12.8 euros (the lower the better of course).


What I got:
Brown Beans (can) 0.89€
2x Chickpeas (can) 0.48€ (per)
Dark Chocolate (100g) 0.69€
Oatmeal (500g) 0.31€
Flax seeds (200g) 0.60€
Apricot marmalade (300g) 0.99€
Cabbage (~1kg) 0.41€
Banana (~0.7kg) 0.82€
Carrot (~0.7kg) 0.25€
Apple [Red prince] (~1,3kg) 1.41€
Onion (~0.5kg) 0.13€

Total: 7,46€

Things I restocked that I didn’t NEED to restock: Flax seeds (I have Chia seeds at home right now) Oats (also probably will not run out of them this week).

Things I didn’t need to buy: Dark chocolate, Apricot marmalade (I bought them because of possible cravings).

Now a bit of an explanation to why I bought what I bought. The apples and bananas are meant to be eaten half-a-fruit per day so I bought 4 for 7 days. Those bananas look so unripe because apparently the whole of my country decided to buy all of the bananas the store I went to had, except about 8 super unripe ones.

10 Carrots go by 1 per day + a bit extra (but considering how cheap they were I could totally go 2 or 3 per day).

Now why the fuck a head of cabbage? I’ll tell you why, it’s because cabbage is probably the cheapest source of vitamin C. That one Red Prince apple has about 20% of USDA recommended vitamin C requirements. That cabbage? without the core has about 600%. It’s very easy to under-do your vitamin C requirements when you are not consuming a lot of raw veg and fruit, especially when most citrus fruits are out of your budget. And it’s kind of awkward to deal with that when you’re on a vegan diet.

Where are the carbs? Well I did say I am going fairly low-carb until about the end of June. I do have some pasta and various other grains (millet, buckwheat, barley, white rice) in my cupboards if I need some. The cheapest (edible) pasta I can get my hands on is 0.72 € per kg. 1 kg is about 10-15 servings of pasta, the cheapest rice I can get my hands on is 1.14 € per kg, so I think I could fit those in my budget just fine.

What I want to buy next time I go shopping? Instead of sweet stuff I’d love to get some soy milk instead, but even the cheapest ones are like 1,7 – 2€ per liter so I’m a bit conflicted by that. Vegan margarine is also fairly expensive (but under 2€) and I’m slowly running out. Still not sure if I’m willing to pay money for trans-fats.

What have I been eating? Some coffee, some water with lime juice, oatmeal with TVP, soy milk and peanut butter for brunch and had some chocolate, half an apple and sweet tea for a snack (don’t judge me, I was walking for 3 hours). I’m soaking half a cup of lentils for dinner with no idea what I’m going to do with it. I need to use a bag of spinach today otherwise it will go bad.


Anyways, see you at the latest in a week!


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