Hello! (or something)

This is going to be a weird food-blog because I’m going to combine four ideas into it:

  1. Living below the line/budgeting
  2. Getting enough micro/macro-nutrients
  3. Dieting and weight loss
  4. Food pictures/ hauls/ food talk/ recipes

This blog really only is meant to serve me, but if someone else gets anything out of reading it, that would be pretty cool.

To explain the ideas:

  1. I was brought in a poor household but even tho don’t live below the line but I can’t afford to spend over 100 € per/mo on food. Considering my other expenses (I have a cat, live alone in a rental flat, I’m a semi-student) It’s the only place I can really tighten my budget. I’m going to try to keep my food budget at 30-55 € per/mo, which is around as much as people spend during the Live Below the Line 5-day challenge.  The advantage I have is planning and money for more than 5 days (I can have variety without the extra cost) and I have a lot of whole grains, lentils, spices, seeds and frozen vegetables at my disposal already.
  2. Because I mostly eat whole foods and make them myself, I will use Chronometer to keep my nutrient balance in check. It will probably not be perfect every day and I do take food supplements. Will I talk about it in this blog? Maybe yes, maybe not.
  3. To this point I’ve lost 15 kg (33 lbs) and I wish to continue losing weight for now. There is not a lot of lose anymore but it will also reflect in my food intake and budget because I will try to keep my “white carbs” low until at least the end of June.
  4. I’m probably going to add some food pictures and maybe a few recipes if I feel like it. Food talk might just be some general food-related banter, I’m not quite sure of it. Food hauls will maybe be shown as a picture but probably not due to safety issues.

So it’s going to mostly be budgeting.

Things I will exclude from my food budget:

  1. Food supplements like vitamins.
  2. Cat food (duh).
  3. Food emergencies (but then I have to justify it).

Things I will not include in my food budget:

  1. Any other income I might be getting.
  2. Food bought, brought or given to me.
  3. Freebies
  4. If I manage to forage/pick something from the countryside

So yeah, The first blog will probably be my first food purchase.



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